A brand new orc clan


Imperiul gitz is a new klan of orcs who reckon they're fooling everyone by wearing disguises made to look like power armour. The bulk of this faction are made up of 'mareen boyz' which is exactly how it sounds; boyz dressed as humie marines. They've got trash cans over their torsos, purity sealz made of rubbish, corrugated iron and rusted metal bolted together into the shape of shoulderpads, and powerpacks that do absolutely nothing except look the part. More is on the way for this new warband.



The Dredge

The dredge is a terrifying underwater-themed army.

Dive in, if you dare

What are the Legends saying?


I've backed many Patreons before but Mezgike's is by far my favorite. Not only do I get awesome modular miniatures with heaps of wicked details, but a very in-depth, relaxed and chilled painting video which is totally my pace. Definitely worth the investment!

Marc Pesant

Alberta, Canada


Rarely do you find an artist as talented as Mezgike. Not only does he create stunning models, he also shows you how to paint them in his unique, and varying style. The production quality of his videos are top notch, with tons of fun and unique modelling techniques to learn. Then there's his soothing and calming Aussie voice guiding you trough each video, which is a plus.

Alexander Prehn Wolff

Copenhagen, Denmark


Mezgob is an absolutely wicked model. He is large and in charge and suits the rest of my (shelf/army/lads) perfectly.


Sydney, Australia


Mezgike's miniatures are awesome, full of personality and their long videos are like learning while watching a relaxing, ASMR movie.


Seville, Spain


The Mezgob miniature is one of the most true-to-form representations of the dakka-loving, git-smashing, beakie-krumpin' greenskin of the grim dark future. Mez completely captures the classically-comedic nature of these beloved Orks, from the gunner-runt to the ciggy of command. Printing, assembling and painting this miniature was an absolute pleasure, and I cannot wait to see what new releases are headed our way. WAAAGGH!!!

Trevor Lang

Washington State, USA


People need to get their hands on Mezgob ASAP!

It's hands down the most fun I have had painting a mini yet. Super detailed, and every little piece of it has a story. Printing was easy, all the parts came pre-supported, and the whole assembly was super well thought-out! Normally when I'm done with a model, I'm also really done mentally - but I was almost sad when i finished this guy. felt like printing another!

Casper Riis

Aarhus, Denmark


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