Dredgie characters (Digital Download)
Dredgie characters (Digital Download)
Dredgie characters (Digital Download)

Dredgie characters (Digital Download)

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Updated version 2.0 (for a list up changes to this set, see end of description)

Dredgies are small but sinister demons which come from the ocean tear. They are small, mischievous monsters who spread the diseases of the rotten sea. A bite from one of these abominations is not only fatal, but will turn anything with a pulse, into a rigwalker within minutes.

This set of 10 dredgies is designed to help with conversions, terrain, dioramas or even to decorate the bases of your dredge marine force. You could use the one with a helmet on the base of a dredge marine with his helmet off, you could use the one holding a dredge rifle on the base of a marine who isn’t holding his rifle, you could place the one fishing upon shoulders or a tank, etc. Be creative and have fun!

This miniatures set consists of 11 pre-supported parts in STL format, ready for 3D printing. This includes 10 unique dredgies and a coral/rock part. The set comes with a pre-supported 25mm plain base if you need it, though these miniatures are primarily designed to give flavour to your champions and other dredge marine models, as well as vehicles, terrain, dioramas etc.

Folder includes both supported and unsupported parts, as well as the LYS file, in case you need to adjust your supports.

Version 2.0 updates

  • Added more fishy bits, corals, starfish, seashells and barnacles to some of the dredgies.
  • Altered the rock of the mermaid dredgie, removing some resin from underneath and added more oceanic-style texture to the rock surface.
  • Increased the size of the fishing dredgie and thickened the fishing rod.
  • Changed the name of these creatures to ‘dredgies’ because it fits with their mischievous cuteness.

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Dredgie characters is designed by Mezgike for the Mezgike universe of miniatures. It is not designed for or affiliated with any other universe, brand or company.