The dredgepede (Digital Download)
The dredgepede (Digital Download)
The dredgepede (Digital Download)
The dredgepede (Digital Download)

The dredgepede (Digital Download)

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The dredgepede joins the elite ranks of the dredge. This mutated lieutenant keeps the ledgers and histories of the sunken legion, his many twitching arms swiping through cursed, bloated pages while his flickering eyes cross-reference thousands of statistics and calculations simultaneously. The dredgepede bellows forth commands from his mouthpiece, blasting through the slime-ridden pipes of a top-mounted foghorn. He is heavily armoured with a mutated carapace and he is armed with a holstered plasma pistol.

Use this hero in your dredge armies to buffer your troops.

The set comes with 6 pre-supported parts, ready for 3d printing. This includes:

  • 1 x body
  • 1 x right arm
  • 1 x elite shoulderpad
  • 1 x powerpack with foghorn and claw
  • 1 x book (left side)
  • 1 x book (ground)
  • 1 x 40mm base

Assembly advice: We recommend you dry fit all parts before gluing. The left-hand-side book and books on the ground have been kept separate so that you can leave as sub-assembly to paint those areas more easily.

Folder includes both supported and unsupported parts, as well as the LYS file, in case you need to adjust your supports.

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