Orc dread (Digital Download)
Orc dread (Digital Download)
Orc dread (Digital Download)
Orc dread (Digital Download)
Orc dread (Digital Download)
Orc dread (Digital Download)

Orc dread (Digital Download)

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Orcs love a good scrap walker. A grinning orc pilot strapped to the inside of a smoking, squeaking rust bucket. Nothing beats stomping around the battlefield in a clanky junk mech, blasting everything with shootas, rockets, burnas or zap guns. Nothing that is, except finishing off whatever’s left with over-sized snippy klaws and buzz saws. These orc dreads are not the most reliable of orc tech, so they’re usually festooned with skittering repair runtz, frantically trying to tighten bolts, or put a few extra screws in, trying to look useful. Some repair runtz are so desperate to look useful in fact, they will hold up a sheet of scrap metal with crosshairs scratched into it and sit on the end of a gun barrel. If any repair runt isn’t doing something good, he might find himself strapped to the buzz saw!

This set has quite a lot of customizability. Once you have built the main body, you can choose to equip your orc dread with an assortment of guns and close combat weapons. You can choose to mount your guns to the hull, or as a hand-held mega gun. There are 4 gun types (shoota, burna, rockets and zappa), and you can mix and match these. There are holes for magnets (3.5mm x 2mm) if you wish to swap the gun types around using magnets. There are a few pieces of extra dakka which you can use to customize your guns – just bolt them on wherever you like. The close combat weapons can also be swapped around at the wrist, with magnet holes included at these points. There are 2 shoulder connectors which fit into the large/upper shoulder socket and allow for the smaller ball joint to fit, should you wish to use a small arm or gun mount at that point. There are 4 repair runts included in this set which you can attach wherever you like, as well as 5 orc glyphs. There are 2 orc pilot heads, plus an optional external head guard.

This multipart set allows you to make a custom orc dread armed with either ranged weapons, melee weapons or a mix of both! The set comes with 34 pre-supported parts, ready for 3d printing. This includes:

  • 2 legs
  • 1 body
  • 1 breast plate
  • 1 engine
  • 2 exhaust sections
  • 1 rear hatch
  • 3 heads (including 1 optional head guard)
  • 2 large arms (large socket shoulder, small socket wrist)
  • 2 smaller arms (small socket shoulder, small socket wrist)
  • 2 large socket to small socket connectors
  • 1 mounted gun body (print +1 mirrored if you need one on each side) (small socket shoulder)
  • 1 hand-held gun body
  • 1 left hand to hold the hand-held gun (small socket wrist)
  • 4 gun types (shoota, burna, rockets and zappa)
  • 2 extra dakka pieces
  • 2 klaw hands (small socket wrist)
  • 2 klaw fingers
  • 2 saw hands (small socket wrist)
  • 2 saw blades
  • 4 repair runtz
  • 5 orc glyphs (attached to sprue)
  • 60mm plain base

Folder includes both supported and unsupported parts, as well as the LYS file, in case you need to adjust your supports.

Digital download. No physical product will be shipped to you.

The Orc dread is designed by Mezgike for the Mezgike universe of miniatures. It is not designed for or affiliated with any other universe, brand or company.