Orc hands for converting miniatures (Digital Download)
Orc hands for converting miniatures (Digital Download)

Orc hands for converting miniatures (Digital Download)

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This STL pack gives you a set of orc hands which you can use for your miniature conversions. This set has 15 hand poses so you will be able to find the right type to suit your project. This includes rock-on hand, open hand, cigar hand, ciggy hand, a gripping fist (with a 1.7mm hole into which you to equip a weapon or pole), waving hand, pointing hand, 'missed it by that much' hand, 'up yours' hand, closed fist, pistol fingers hand, thumbs up hand, hook hand, bionic hand and 'the circle game' hand.  

All hands come pre-supported and attached to a small sprue for easy storage and so that you don’t lose them. Just cut them off the sprue as needed. Each hand has a tapered pin measuring 2.55mm in diametre and 1.2mm long, which fit in the Mezgike mareen boyz and freebooter boyz wrists. For other model you can either drill a hole at the arm's writs, or snip the pin off the hand. Of course you may scale these as needed, to fit little runtz or huge war bosses!

Folder includes both supported and unsupported parts, as well as the LYS file, in case you need to adjust your supports.

Digital download. No physical product will be shipped to you. 

Orc hands for converting miniatures is designed by Mezgike for the Mezgike universe of miniatures. It is not designed for or affiliated with any other universe, brand or company.