Runt herder boss &
Runt herder boss &
Runt herder boss &
Runt herder boss &

Runt herder boss 'A' (Digital Download)

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Runt herder bosses are in charge of huge mobs of runtz. They make sure they're all pointing the same way when they're firing their runt blastas, they stomp the ones who aren't digging fast enough, and they've even been known to snack on the most annoying ones. This runt herder has snuck a few runtz into his backpack, because they sound funny when they're being runtnapped. When you kick enough runtz though, you end up with a runt mutiny on your hands! This runt herder is being swarmed by the little buggers. 

Get this runt herder boss leading your runt mobs. He's [sometimes] good at controlling them.

This miniature is made up of 13 pre-supported parts in STL format, ready for 3D printing. This includes options to make your runt herder boss either with or without runtz attacking him. The set also comes with 2 head options, including one with an IMPERIUL GITZ hat. The set comes with a pre-supported 32mm base.

Folder includes both supported and unsupported parts, as well as the LYS file, in case you need to adjust your supports.

Digital download. No physical product will be shipped to you.

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